Preparing your home for the open market may seem like a chore, but would you do it for $10,000? 

These 7 simple steps will get you "market ready" and give you the best return on your investment. 



Lucky for you, we are in a Seller's Market.  A Seller's Market is basically when we have a lot of Buyers with no place to go.  It equates to a low inventory of homes,  which creates a higher demand, a shorter list time, multiple offers and homes selling above their list price. Now is the time to list BUT don't think you can list your home for 50% more than it's worth because pricing it wrong will keep you on the market longer and create internet marketing issues. People google EVERYTHING including your home. 


2.  know your home's value

Just because Zillow says so, doesn't mean it's true. Appraising the value of your home is an art and I recommend leaving it up to me. The most important thing to consider when pricing your home is condition.... AND that is why I will pay to have a home inspection completed during my evaluation.   Let's call this a strategic maneuver.  I wouldn't want you to lose a ready willing and able Buyer for something we should have already been aware of and had a plan of action for. 


3.calculating your profit

The Net Sheet.  Not everyone likes math but the net sheet makes it really simple to understand your costs.  It essentially takes the purchase price, subtracts your costs (closing costs, taxes, title rates and commissions) and gives your your bottom line.  Knowing your bottom line, helps you decide which offer is best for your pocketbook. 


4.  repairs

I'm about 95% sure you will need some type of repairs.  Don't stress it though because I have provided you with a home inspection, you know exactly what needs to be done.  Plus, I have a handyman on standby who can assist if necessary. 


5. staging

If you are currently living in your home, it's like the febreeze commercial that says you're "nose blind" except you may be "clutter blind". I'll use my trained eye to create some "feng shui" that will attract the right Buyer.  It doesn't mean I'm going to come in a rearrange all of your furniture however, I will create a flow that will help the photographer take captivating, stylish pictures.

download (5).jpeg

6. marketing, marketing, marketing

Marketing is more than just sticking a sign in your front yard, it's creating a vibe that makes your home attractive to Buyers.  My marketing is complete with High Definition photos, a Showing Simulation Walk Thru Tour, Facebook & Instagram Targeted Marketing plus all the right key elements to get your home sold quickly and for the right price.  Ask yourself, what makes your home better than your neighbors?   

download (4).jpeg

7.   hire someone who knows what they are doing; which means, hire me. 

It's all too often I see homes listed with discount brokers to save a few bucks.  In the long run, choosing the right Realtor will get you the most money. Let me save you time and money with my expertise, moving is stressful enough.